Varsity Wrestling · Varsity Wrestling Splits at Flushing

  Place Points
Fenton High School 0th 0

The Fenton Tigers wrestled Flushing and Swartz Creek on Wednesday splitting the pair. In the first Dual of the night Fenton got off to a 6-0 start after Kendra Ryan got a void. Luke Thornton got a win at 130 pounds but the Tigers found themselves in a 30-12 hole. As the Tigers have done all year the battled back winning teh next five matches. Jayden Rittenbury, Mason Church, Mario Ramirez, Dalton Wagner, and Lukas Zywicki all won giving the Tigers a 34-30 lead. However, Flushing won the last two matches giving them a 42-33 victory handing Fenton their first league loss.

In the 2nd Dual Fenton came out victorious defeating Creek 45-30. Again the Tigers were in a 24-6 hole but battled back. Luke Thornton, Jayden Rittenbury, Mario Ramirez, Dalton Wagner, Lukas Zywicki, Seth Sutter, Jackson Cairnduff, and Kendra Ryan all got wins.

Kendra Ryan, Luke Thornton, Jayden Rittenbury, Mario Ramirez, Dalton Wagner, and Lukas Zywicki all got two wins on the night.

Flushing 42 Fenton 33
103: Kendra Ryan (FENTON) over (FLUSHING) (For.) 112: Noah Juhl (FLUSHING) over Ella Turnblom (FENTON) (Fall 4:43) 119: Jackson Harner (FLUSHING) over Josh Pescarolo (FENTON) (Fall 2:59) 125: Brennen Herr (FLUSHING) over Isaac Croney (FENTON) (Fall 2:47) 130: Luke Thornton (FENTON) over Aaron Wilson (FLUSHING) (Fall 3:23) 135: Luke Maurer (FLUSHING) over Chloe Wagner (FENTON) (Fall 1:08) 140: Tyson Sparbel (FLUSHING) over (FENTON) (For.) 145: Jayden Rittenbury (FENTON) over Matthew Juhl (FLUSHING) (MD 15-3) 152: Mason Church (FENTON) over Aaron Rishmawi (FLUSHING) (Fall 1:37) 160: Mario Ramirez (FENTON) over Jobe Halloun (FLUSHING) (Dec 7-4) 171: Dalton Wagner (FENTON) over Jarrell Hunter (FLUSHING) (Fall 3:02) 189: Luke Zywicki (FENTON) over Cabhan Suttles (FLUSHING) (Dec 3-1) 215: Jeremy Parker (FLUSHING) over Seth Sutter (FENTON) (Fall 0:40) 285: Evan Frank (FLUSHING) over Jackson Cairnduff (FENTON) (Fall 0:21) (FENTON unsportsman like conduct 34.0) (FENTON jnh -35.0)

Fenton 45 Swartz Creek 30
112: Brady Taubitz (SWCREEK) over Ella Turnblom (FENTON) (Fall 0:00) 119: Matthais Kingen (SWCREEK) over Josh Pescarolo (FENTON) (Dec 3-2) 125: Malachi Kingen (SWCREEK) over Isaac Croney (FENTON) (Fall 0:00) 130: Luke Thornton (FENTON) over Tyler Carrier (SWCREEK) (Fall 0:00) 135: Gavin Lawerence (SWCREEK) over Chloe Wagner (FENTON) (Dec 19-15) 140: Joe Carpenter (SWCREEK) over (FENTON) (For.) 145: Jayden Rittenbury (FENTON) over Gavin Thompson (SWCREEK) (Fall 0:00) 152: Mario Ramirez (FENTON) over Cody Casemore (SWCREEK) (Fall 0:00) 160: Brennon Larion (SWCREEK) over Mason Church (FENTON) (Fall 0:00) 171: Dalton Wagner (FENTON) over Logan Sloan (SWCREEK) (Dec 5-4) 189: Luke Zywicki (FENTON) over Joe Loder (SWCREEK) (Fall 0:00) 215: Seth Sutter (FENTON) over (SWCREEK) (For.) 285: Jackson Cairnduff (FENTON) over (SWCREEK) (For.) 103: Kendra Ryan (FENTON) over Destine Bishop (SWCREEK) (Fall 0:00)