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Varsity Wrestling · Varsity Wrestling finishes 1st place at FML Meet @ Brandon High School

  Place Points
Fenton High School 1st 49
Brandon High School 2nd 13

The Tigers opened their league schedule on Wednesday defeating Clio 58-19 and Brandon 49-30 to bring their league record to 2-0 and season record to 8-3. Luke Thornton, Ella Turnblom, Brady Triola, Jayden Rittenbury, Tommy Adams, Will Galvin, Tristan Foster, and Devin Fuller all went 2-0 for the Tigers. Landon Lapa, Garrett Langford, Mario Ramirez, and Lukas Zywicki finished 1-1. Morgan Murphy, Ella Turnblom, and Beau Turnblom went 1-0 in exhibition matches. The Tigers travel to Holland West Ottawa on Friday for a JV tournament followed by a Varsity team tourney on Saturday.

Fenton 58 Clio 19

189: Tristan Foster (FENTON) over Devon Knudson (CLIO) (Fall 2:32) 215: Alex Yocom (CLIO) over Thomas Conlon (FENTON) (Fall 1:04) 285: Devin Fuller (FENTON) over Blake Amy (CLIO) (Fall 3:20) 103: Ella Turnblom (FENTON) over (CLIO) (For.) 112: Luke Thornton (FENTON) over (CLIO) (For.) 119: Landon Lapa (FENTON) over (CLIO) (For.) 125: Kaden Mitler (CLIO) over Hunter Foster (FENTON) (SV-1 6-4) 130: Garret Langford (FENTON) over (CLIO) (For.) 135: Brady Triola (FENTON) over Ethan Eickhoff (CLIO) (Fall 1:19) 140: Jayden Rittenbury (FENTON) over (CLIO) (For.) 145: Tristan Vance (CLIO) over Mario Ramirez (FENTON) (MD 8-0) 152: Tommy Adams (FENTON) over Jacob Smith (CLIO) (MD 15-1) 160: Alex Moore (CLIO) over Luke Zywicki (FENTON) (Fall 3:40) 171: Will Galvin (FENTON) over Cody Franks (CLIO) (Fall 5:07)

Fenton 49 Brandon 30
215: Anthony Nicaj (ORTBRAND) over Thomas Conlon (FENTON) (Fall 0:41) 285: Devin Fuller (FENTON) over Nis Cotto-Natale (ORTBRAND) (Fall 2:54) 103: Luke Thornton (FENTON) over Quinn Hallberg (ORTBRAND) (Fall 1:40) 112: Corbin Hallberg (ORTBRAND) over (FENTON) (For.) 119: Brendan Baughman (ORTBRAND) over Landon Lapa (FENTON) (Fall 1:19) 125: Bryson Gunn (ORTBRAND) over Hunter Foster (FENTON) (Fall 0:46) 130: Jack Culvey (ORTBRAND) over Garret Langford (FENTON) (Fall 1:08) 135: Brady Triola (FENTON) over Curtis Venturino (ORTBRAND) (Fall 0:43) 140: Jayden Rittenbury (FENTON) over Brendan McClusky (ORTBRAND) (MD 10-1) 145: Mario Ramirez (FENTON) over Gavin Alderman (ORTBRAND) (Dec 8-6) 152: Tommy Adams (FENTON) over Ronald Solis (ORTBRAND) (Fall 0:36) 160: Luke Zywicki (FENTON) over Hunter Harrington (ORTBRAND) (Fall 2:51) 171: Will Galvin (FENTON) over Mikey Nicaj (ORTBRAND) (Fall 4:44) 189: Tristan Foster (FENTON) over Chris Henderson (ORTBRAND) (Fall 2:25)