Varsity Wrestling · Fenton Tri Meet vs Clio and Brandon

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Fenton High School 0th 0

The Fenton Tigers opened Metro League competition Wednesday against Clio and Brandon getting two wins. Fenton started the night strong against Clio getting off to a 44-9 start which was enough to secure a 44-31 win. In the 2nd dual of the night Fenton started out very slow finding themselves down 22-0 after 4 matches. The Tigers rebounded flipping the score quickly to 22-18. Brandon then increased the lead to 26-18 but they would only get one more win in the final 6 matches bringing the final score to 45-29 in favor of Fenton. Jayden Rittenbury was 2-0 on the night getting his 100th win against Brandon bringing his season record to 21-1. Also, going 2-0 were Mario Ramirez, Beau Turnblom, and Lukas Zywicki. Kendra Ryan, Josh Pescarolo, Isaac Croney, Chloe Wagner, Dalton Wagner, Seth Sutter, Jackson Cairnduff, and Evan Harper all got 1 win. The Tigers are now 11-2 on the season and 2-0 in the Metro League. They travel to Holland West Ottawa this Friday for JV and Varsity action.

Fenton 44 Clio 31
119: Chase Hall (CLIO) over Josh Pescarolo (FENTON) (Dec 2-0) 125: Isaac Croney (FENTON) over Tony Duby (CLIO) (Fall 5:30) 130: Evan Harper (FENTON) over (CLIO) (For.) 135: Chloe Wagner (FENTON) over Brady Boles (CLIO) (TF 15-0 4:36) 140: Ethan Eickhoff (CLIO) over (FENTON) (For.) 145: Jayden Rittenbury (FENTON) over Jacob Smith (CLIO) (Dec 6-0) 152: Mario Ramirez (FENTON) over (CLIO) (For.) 160: Beau Turnblom (FENTON) over Trevor Williams (CLIO) (Fall 1:48) 171: Dalton Wagner (FENTON) over Devon Knudson (CLIO) (Fall 1:44) 189: Luke Zywicki (FENTON) over Zachary Cummins (CLIO) (Fall 3:00) 215: Ethan O`Kelly (CLIO) over Seth Sutter (FENTON) (Fall 4:36) 285: Alexzander Yocom (CLIO) over Jackson Cairnduff (FENTON) (Fall 0:29) 103: Trenton Idalski (CLIO) over Kendra Ryan (FENTON) (MD 11-2) 112: Lucas Hulliberger (CLIO) over Ella Turnblom (FENTON) (Fall 1:54)

Fenton 45 Brandon 29
125: Alex Hernandez (ORTBRAND) over Isaac Croney (FENTON) (Fall 3:22) 130: Umoja Theakston (ORTBRAND) over (FENTON) (For.) 135: Bryson Gunn (ORTBRAND) over Chloe Wagner (FENTON) (MD 12-3) 140: Jack Culvey (ORTBRAND) over (FENTON) (For.) 145: Jayden Rittenbury (FENTON) over (ORTBRAND) (For.) 152: Mario Ramirez (FENTON) over (ORTBRAND) (For.) 160: Beau Turnblom (FENTON) over Ronald Solis (ORTBRAND) (Fall 3:51) 171: Mike Nicaj (ORTBRAND) over Dalton Wagner (FENTON) (MD 10-2) 189: Luke Zywicki (FENTON) over Gavin Alderman (ORTBRAND) (Dec 4-3) 215: Seth Sutter (FENTON) over Gavin Leigh (ORTBRAND) (Fall 2:39) 285: Jackson Cairnduff (FENTON) over Isaac Wing (ORTBRAND) (Fall 5:25) 103: Kendra Ryan (FENTON) over Tiffany Hernandez-Serratos (ORTBRAND) (Fall 0:31) 112: Diego Angeles (ORTBRAND) over Ella Turnblom (FENTON) (Dec 8-4) 119: Josh Pescarolo (FENTON) over (ORTBRAND) (For.)